To remember and honor the Skill, Greatness, and Wisdom of the late GM Kang Sin Sin (江新辰), the disciples Michael, Rio, and Febry decided to publish this website as we need to preserve the Wing Chun KungFu of the late GM Kang Sin Sin by spreading his way of teaching and the style that he learnt from the late GGM Ip Man (Yip Man), the late GM Leung Sheung, and the late GM Chu Shong Tin.

Video Galery

IWCMAI - Wing Chun Concept

Our IWCMAI trailer on the concept of Wing Chun, highlighting some of the movements in the Wing Chun forms and the result generated from the movements.

The power that comes out from the Mind.

IWCMAI - Wingchun Workshop May 2015 - The Power of Mind

The clips in this video are taken from the IWCMAI workshop in May 2015.

The mind has enormous power human can't even imagine. The mind is the core of the movement and the power generation. If human can maximize the mind to control each and every part of the human body,  one can greatly enhanced his/her energy as a penetrating force.

In this workshop, some of the training that we were conducting was the basic of the footwork/stepping. One must be able to walk freely and forcefully without even has to care for any obstacle in front of him/her. The body then just becomes a media to channel one's energy and not as the source of the energy itself.

This video shows these 2 guys doing this practice for the first time. They're not doing it perfectly yet, but this video at least depicts the concept of The Power of Mind.

Control the mind, the mind then controls the body.
Conscious, not Unconscious.
The Master, not the Slave.

IWCMAI - Wingchun Workshop May 2015 - Pushing

This is the sequel of the Power of Mind in the May 2015 Workshop of IWCMAI.

Is pushing really a pushing? Or is it not that simple? Or... it is that simple.

It was not the technique nor the power that we were mostly discussing during the workshop, but merely how the mind control the body to do certain type of action. And to prove how powerful the mind is when we can utilise it to the max.

Technique is Singular, but Concept is Universal. Once we can comprehend the various techniques in Wing Chun, then we come to the stage where we start to see the same concept underlying the different kinds of techniques.

Is the first push different than the second one? We'll let you to decide the answer.

IWCMAI - Short trailer

IWCMAI - Chi Sao

IWCMAI - Siu Nim Tao Application

IWCMAI - Wing Chun Kick

 Wing Chun Round Kick

IWCMAI - Wing Chun Stance

The power of the Stance

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